Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Day 24

Doll Diaries October Challenge

LanieKirsten, both

Day 24 - Ghost

A long-time neighbor made these great ghosts for us. Makes it very easy to decorate the house for Halloween and lets trick or treaters know we have treats to give.
Woohoo! Decorating the yard! We didn't think we would be home this year. Yay to not missing Halloween this year!


Do you like ghost stories?
We do, but not the super scary ones.
The fun ones first and then the ones like you tell around the campfire.
These are a few of the ones we like.
There are quite a few modern books about ghosts too. Xyra read one in 2010 and let someone borrow it. It's called Ruined; check out her review below.

Xyra's Ruined Review (PG, maybe PG-13)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a very good ghost story - it gave information in bits and pieces keeping it mysterious.  However, it could have had deeper development especially with the characters [I find this to be an issue with third person limited point of view - in staying vague].

I truly enjoyed learning the history and social order of New Orleans as well as a peek into its traditions and past.  Though the story is fiction I have no doubt something similar took place in reality.

It's a good read and kept me rivoted from the first page. (Even ignoring another book I'm working on.)  I was not disappointed in the end - though I do wish it had gone just a bit further.

Sometimes the main character seemed spoiled and hot headed and peevish; and we did not get enough of her romantic interest.

Quite enjoyable - would like to know what happens after everything is truly sorted out with the families or if they decided to let the authorities declare everything accidental.

Have you ever dressed like a ghost for Halloween?

Do you have a favorite ghost story?

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