Monday, October 20, 2014

October Day 12 Plus

Doll Diaries October Challenge

Day 12 - Cookies!

Everyone loves cookies, right? We eat them all year round. But have you noticed that you only get certain cookies at certain times during the year? (Think about Girl Scout cookies and Christmas cookies.) And if you get them during a different season they don't quite taste the same?
We found that to be true for a few of our favorites. Not chessmen or shortbread cookies or even chocolate chip for that matter. But ginger snaps and spiced wafers. We gobble them up in the fall. 

Right now we have Chessmen and Ginger Snaps at the ready. 
Both are great with a tall, cold glass of milk - actually a short, wide, cold glass of milk is better for dunking the ginger snaps.

What is your favorite fall cookie?

Plus Our favorite Tea Sweeteners

There are many ways to sweeten your tea and other beverages. Xyra is one of those people who is very sensitive to the artificial or low calorie sweeteners so we don't use Equal, Sweet N Low, Splenda, or Truvia. She says they have an aftertaste that spoils the natural flavors of the tea (and everything else).

What do we use? We have several favorites.

  • Agave nectar/syrup. We talked about this in another post. Agave is a natural sugar that comes from a type of cactus plant. It is low in calories and doesn't have an aftertaste.
  • Honey. We have three types here: radish, clover, and wildflower. All taste different and add a their own dimension to the tea cup. Honey is fabulous when you have a sore throat or cold.
  • Sugar. Yep, plain old white granulated sugar is perfect in almost everything. (Honey is better in green tea.) We also like turbinado sugar or sugar in the raw. It's a brown granulated sugar that still has some of the molasses in it. That adds depth to some tea blends. This is a bit different from the brown sugar for baking.

We don't like our tea super sweet. I'm talking less than a teaspoon most times even in a large cup.

How sweet do you like your tea? What is your favorite sweetener?

Thank you for stopping.

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  1. My favorite fall cookie is turkey cookies that are made with sugar cookies and candy corn for the feathers and mini m&m's for the eyes. Your cookies look great too!

    1. They sound wonderful! I bet you gobble up a few. ;-)

  2. I like my tea unsweetened with no cream. Just plain. When talking about coffee it is called "black". What is the term used with tea? I'd like to try the agave nectar just for fun.

    1. I did some searching and there is no special term for tea with nothing in it. Since most times you are asked what you'd like in it, it is appropriate to reply, "Nothing, thank you." :-)

    2. That's nice to know. Thanks.