Thursday, August 28, 2014

XBR4OF #3: Sleeping Murder

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

We are mystery fans in this house. One of the greatest mystery authors is Agatha Christie. While I'm posting this review in as a Xyra's Book Review for Older Followers, there is nothing gruesome, gory, or overly scary in it and I would recommend it to younger followers too. Not too young though, maybe 11 or 12. You can build your vocabulary reading these. [I think Melody and the others would be okay reading Agatha Christie mysteries. They would need to have a dictionary handy and could always come to me to ask questions.]

The Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I just LOVE Agatha Christie's mysteries. A thoroughly good read. Timeless. Unique.

Once you start reading you are transported directly into the world of the main character. In this case, Gwenda (love that name) Reed. It is her curiosity over feelings and memories she had in the home she purchased that lead her to Miss Marple. A good thing too - a very good thing!

Miss Marple, everyone's Aunt Jane, has a penchant for observation and interrogation. Her subtle conversations and visitations, so unassuming, trip up the most wily of characters. Secrets are secrets no more when Miss Marple is around.

While reading a friend asked me to provide two sentences as a teaser to entice others to read the book. I couldn't do it. The words and action flow so smoothly together; the conversations so very subtle in what they reveal that I just kept reading and reading only to stop at the next chapter break.

I did figure out who the murderer was before the big reveal, before Gwenda and Giles. This is not a drawback to the writing. No, indeed. As an outsider observing both Gwenda's and Miss Marple's investigations, getting Giles hypotheses, and the musings of those not in direct contact with Gwenda or Miss Marple I could draw my on conclusions. I LOVE that too. Sometimes I'm wrong, other times - like this one - I am correct. [Note: I did mention that I had seen this on TV at some point. I fully recognize that the clues could have unlocked a visual memory from the televised version.]

If you like true mystery and detecting, then you must put Dame Agatha Christie on your to read list. Without her the others wouldn't have any inspiration. However, if you like gruesome, gory, horrific, thriller mysteries - that is another story.

This Miss Marple installment was published in 1976 - the year Dame Christie passed away - it has since carried the subtitle Miss Marple's Last Case. Whether you read this first or last or in the middle it doesn't matter. Each mystery is a stand alone piece and complete story.

Happy reading!

Do you like mysteries? Who is your favorite sleuth? Who is your favorite author?

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    1. Miss Marple really is a cool old lady. If you get BBC channel and sometimes on PBS they will play the episodes. A&E used to, but their format changed.

  2. I read Sleeping Murder! It was a really good book. I enjoy reading Agatha Christie mysteries. Right now I am reading The Mystery of the Blue Train.

    1. Very nice! I don't think I've read the Mystery of the Blue Train. I'll have to look it up - thank you for the tip.