Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outfit Review: OG All Eyelets On Me

Another Great Our Generation Outfit

While the Wherever and Ever outfit nagged to be brought home, this one practically jumped into the cart.

All Eyelets on Me

This one caught my eye because of the color, eyelet top, and polka dots! LOVE polka dots. This is a 5-piece set with shorts, top, sweater, shoes, and sunglasses. The cat eye sunglasses - another reason this outfit jumped into the cart. Plus it is in the $12.99 OG fashion section. (You may remember Melody wore the shorts and top in the Whose Shoes? Results post.)


Here we see Kaya wearing the entire outfit and holding the package photo.
Close up of the package photo.
The sweater is a nice thick knit. Not too heavy that it's winter, but not flimsy either.
The sweater has one Velcro closure at the neck.
The other side has a cute heart-shaped button. You can also see the detail of the knit in this picture.
Kaya put the sweater and sunglasses aside. (The sunglasses, while cute, do not seem to fit anyone except Lanie.) You can see this eyelet top has puffy, ruffled, cap sleeves.
The back has a Velcro closure. It does not open completely, you have to step into this one.

The shorts also have a Velcro closure. These too are a little snug.
They have a heart-shaped button on the front that matches the one on the sweater.
These shoes were featured in the Whose Shoes? game. They are hard plastic loafers.
The really cute thing is that they are labeled in side so you know which foot.


Here's Haley in the All Eyelets on Me outfit. You can see the sweater fits her more loosely.
Couldn't get the sunglasses to stay on her face despite the headband.
They barely stayed on her head. Very flexible plastic, but a little too flexible.

Overall a super cute outfit with lots of mix and match pieces.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Who do you think wears it best? (You can vote for me, Melody, too since I wore most of it in the Whose Shoes? Results post.) 

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  1. Wow! That's a great outfit!! I really need to start looking at OG clothes! I live it on Kaya!

    ~ Mint

    1. It really is. Great fabrics used in this outfit. The standard OG outfits run $12.99 and the deluxe ones $16.99. And if you happen upon a sale... :-D

  2. That's cute! Kaya is my favorite.

  3. Great review! The sweater looks adorable. I'll have to keep a lookout for this outfit next time I'm at Target.

    1. Thank you. The sweater will be great for all four seasons. It's one to look for.