Friday, April 18, 2014

Winterthur & Downton Abbey I

Winterthur Museum,Garden, and Library

Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit

I had the best time with Nana Kestrel and her friends the other day. The five of us went to Winterthur for the Downton Abbey costume exhibit and TEA!


The day was gorgeous! Sun shining, slight breeze, and warm. No coat needed. I wore Molly’s Polka Dot outfit that I got for my birthday. We saw this cute little patch of blooming flowers on our way from the parking lot to the visitor center. 
So very pretty.

Gift Shoppe

Then we took a walk through the gift store. They had three different tea sets. Each had a different design.

Then we saw the fairy dolls and thought about getting one for Lanie, but they were porcelain. Porcelain dolls are very nice, but are breakable.
Then we saw this great display that made us think of our friend Lainey. It’s all Jane Austen.
Oops! I’m blocking the doll. She was all cloth. You can see her gloved arm and a bit of her skirt.

This tote made us laugh because it is so true. We know a LOT of our friends would agree.

These Laurel and Hardy tea bags were cute.

More tomorrow and a third day too. There is a lot to share with you. But we won't forget about Easter.

Have a great day!

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  1. I love museum gift shops. I always make sure to do some of my holiday shopping at our local museum.

  2. Oh I love those tea sets. I still don't have one for my dolls yet.

    1. I should have taken better pictures to show the designs on the cups and pots. One set had cute little bugs on it. The others had flowers.