Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dress Alterations

Transforming a Onesie


Fabric scissors
Straight pins
Needle and thread


First, Choose your model. Lanie wanted to help with this project, so I put the onesie on her and marked where I wanted to make the cut.
Second, take the "dress" off the model and make a straight cut across the mark.
Third, turn it inside out and put on your model. Flip the bottom up and pin to make a new hem. Make sure it is straight.
You won't stick me, will you?  
No, you're safe.
Fourth, carefully remove the dress and turn right side out. 
Fifth, tack the ribbon around the hemline and pin in place. Pin vertically so that you can sew over the pins and still remove them. 
I placed the ribbon so that when I sew it on I will be finishing the hem at the same time. Notice the ribbon I chose will help me make even stitches too. ;-) Now I just have to find a few moments to do the sewing. :-)

This is going to be a great new dress. I can't wait!

Best wishes,


  1. Great idea!


  2. That looks really easy. I have to try this.