Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Lots to Do Outside

Clearing Winter Debris from Gardens

Kirsten, Lanie, Xyra, 2 or more

I'm heading out to clear the gardens. Anyone want to help?
I will!
Me too!

Wow! There is a lot of stuff covering the gardens.
Yeah, but it helps the ground and the plants survive the winter.
This winter was soooooo cold.
And this covering acted like a coat for the plant roots.
Neat. So where do we start?
That's quite a pile.
Yeah, it is.
Look at the tulip leaves and the sedum.
And all those hosta shoots too.
That's better. Now the sun can warm the earth better for everything to grow!
We should probably split the hosta. But that is a project or another day. Thank you for the help.
You're welcome.

Snack time!
Orange slices...

and Nilla wafers.
That was hard work.
But good work.
Thank you again. Big jobs are more fun with the right help.

Are you doing any outside work this spring? What are your favorite plants to see spring back to life?

Best wishes,


  1. I lovvvvve Nilla Wafers! Oooooh! lol We always split our hosta's but they still grow HUGE!

    1. Yes, that's why we really like the very easy to care for. Last year Elvis and the one next to him got too big, so we really need to split these two while the ground is still soft and the shoots small. Maybe tonight.

  2. We've gotten so much rain so we have to mow the yard! Trying to get our yard ready for the warm weather!

    1. I'm not ready to mow yet. I hope not for another couple of weeks. When you walk through our backyard your footsteps gurgle. :)

  3. No yard space here in the city, but I bought some packets of herb seeds today for the big planters on the back porch. I will have my son help me change the potting soil, and we will send the old dirt up to my mothers so she can dump it in the woods.

    1. Container gardens are wonderful. A lot fewer weeds.

  4. Their snacks looks delicious. I am glad it's spring because I don't like winter.

    1. Nasty shock this week with the drastic change in temperatures, but that is early spring for you. Always changing.