Monday, April 7, 2014

Need Rain Gear?

Lots of April Showers

The snow has stopped, the rain keeps coming. While talking with Gramma Enne last night she mentioned Caroline's pretty blue party dress, so we started looking at the most recent catalog and making a wish list. Yep, it's as long as all of yours. We may not get any of it, but we're certainly watching the sale page.

Anyway, we stopped at the page with the Rainy Day Coat...and couldn't believe that it was only the raincoat for $24. Umbrella and boots separate for $34. That's $58. Yikes.

My Life at Walmart

This morning Xyra had to get a couple of things at Walmart so she checked out the My Life section. She found a Fun in the Rain set for $17.97.
It's a great yellow and blue color. The set includes: raincoat, umbrella, boots, grey and white puppy, doggie raincoat, and doggie umbrella. Yes, all in one box AND $17.97. Super cute puppy too. It might not be quite as sturdy as AG, and you might have to put a slit down the back of the boots to get them on, but all that in one box...did I mention the super cute puppy?

Other Wardrobe Items

She also saw a couple of great My Life outfits for $9.97. The one on the left caught her eye and when she took a closer's a Fairy Costume. So beautiful! The one on the right is a really pretty swimsuit ensemble.
This outfit reminded her of the other grey and pink sweatshirt set we got earlier this winter, but the first two were her favorites.

Going to Camp Doll Diaries?

If you plan to go camping you might want to check out the My Life camping set. It's $19.97. 
Has a tent and a lot of great stuff to make your camp outs fun.


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  1. Thanks for posting! I've got to go and see what my Wal-Mart has usually not much!! I really want the tent!