Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carson City Nevada Part 6

Last Day


This morning breakfast was special. 
I had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a strawberry smoothie, and milk. It was delicious!


A lot of people don't go to church while on vacation. Xyra used to when she was little. However, since Gramma Enne is the organist or church musician...we were all going. The church has a Yamaha clavinova that looks like a baby grand piano, but can sound like an organ. Pretty neat.

The church has beautiful art glass windows all around; even in the doors.
There is a really pretty orchid by the guest book.
And irises by the door. Oh, they're silk!
Comfy chairs in the entry way.
I went into the Sunday school room where the hymnals were all set out for the first hymn. Xyra and I always page through the hymnal when we visit a new church. If we can find our two favorite hymns we feel more comfortable. We know we can always find the one (it's a Christmas hymn - Hark the Herald Angels Sing). What is your favorite hymn or church song?
These look familiar.
Doesn't the moon look awesome? That set of windows is above the platform (or pulpit).
After church was over I was checking out the flowers and met a really nice girl named Senora.
We chatted a bit until both of us were called, "Time to leave." We hope she is doing well.

Then it was back to the house to finish packing, have a quick lunch, and say goodbye to Great Auntie Mame and Aunties LeeLee and Mae before heading to the airport. Great Aunt Bunny Sue, Xyra, and I were flying out that afternoon.

Come back tomorrow to hear about our trip home.

Best wishes,


  1. That's a great breakfast. My favorite church song is Behold Our God.

    1. It was tasty.
      I don't think I know that one. I'll have to look it up.