Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Save the Date

Mail Call!

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra, 2 or more

Hey, hey!
We have mail!
Not just any mail either.
Save the date cards from Camp Doll Diaries!

That's awesome!
What's Camp Doll Diaries?
Only the funnest place to be in the summer.
Wildlife all over...
Even in the cabin.
Really? Do you think I'll get to go?
Of course, why would you stay home?
What do you think we'll do?
Neat crafts and activities.
Maybe some field trips.
Who knows? Whatever Char and her crew come up with will be awesome.
Maybe we'll see Roz and Gus and Debbie again.
You'll love them, Haley.

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Best wishes,



  1. So excited! I'm making a cabin for my dolls! :D

    1. Nice. We'll have to check our cabin. It is certain to need some touch up work.

  2. What pets do you have in the cages? In fact, what are all of your pets?

    1. Living breathing pets include cats and house rabbits. Well, house rabbit now. We haven't found a place to put Digger's hutch now that he is not using it. His brother, Flash, has the one on the left.