Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sale at American Girl

Get Out Your Wish Lists

Check Off Some Items

Lots of things are happening at American Girl including a big sale. Just in time for Easter.

Did you want Meatloaf or Pepper in your pet menagerie? They are $10.

Want to go camping? The tent set is $35...that's more than half off.

Love the Sweet School Dress? It's $14.

Mini dolls: Caroline, Cecile, and Marie-Grace are $12.

There are 11 sale pages of things to look over.

Had to share the good news!

Happy shopping!


  1. I've already and a look. I think the prices are all great, but unfortunately, to ship anything (even glasses) to Australia it will cost a whopping $60, so I haven't been able to order anything :(

    1. Oh, that really stinks. :-(
      So sorry to hear that.

  2. Cool! I wish I had some money to spend, but I'm saving for my birthday :P

  3. That's an awesome goal. Keep saving! :-)