Sunday, January 5, 2014

Staying Warm

Cold Temperatures Throughout the Country

How do you stay warm when it is cold? We like hot tea (of course) and hot chocolate. When Sister Stereo came to visit in December she brought us a canister of Tcho chocolate crumbles...
Lanie Xyra
Let's make this today, it sounds yummy.
Okay. Read the instructions.

Looks cool!
We need a double. 6 tablespoons crumbles.
Use this measuring cup to start.
We've added the hot water.
Now to add warm milk.
Whisk. Smells great.
Wow! Tastes fabulous!

Another Way to Stay Warm

Don't forget to dress for the weather and temperatures. We don't have much in our collection for winter weather. Xyra decided to try and make us mittens. She started with the pattern for fingerless gloves she found on Doll Diaries, then modified it.
She made three pair in this great green color. 
I love mine!
Do you like mittens or gloves? We prefer mittens.

She started working on a scarf isn't finished yet. I hope she gets done before Tuesday. 

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes!



  1. Those gloves are awesome. I might try it. And the chocolate crumbles looks yummy!

    1. I think you'd make great mittens. I followed the Doll Diaries instructions, but then added 1 full double chain above their last row and then closed it off with another double chain row, but only took up every other loop (does that make sense?) and one last chain at the top. :)

  2. Love your post! It has been cold here in Texas! It was 13 degrees this morning but felt like 0!! That's crazy and Saturday it was 70 degrees!! Only in Texas!! LOL!!!

    We love to drink hot chocolate when it's cold outside. And love your mittens! You did a great job! I just might have to try making them!

    1. We talked to a friend from Texas today who accidentally left a soda (in a foam cup) in her car overnight and it was frozen this morning.