Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day Part 1

Heading Outside

It’s not often Xyra gets sent home early due to weather. Even less frequent for Franz. Both were home by 3 the other day due to the snow falling in southeastern Pennsylvania. Xyra shoveled the drive and front porch right away, but soon her work was covered in fresh snow.

So I grabbed the new winter wear Melody got from Lady Vanyer and headed outside.
Brrrrrr. I’m glad this is so tightly knit!
Just look how white the snow is.

Okay, it’s too cold. I’m heading back inside!

[Note: my boot prints were covered in less than 10 minutes.]

Back Inside...Where It's Warm!

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra, 2 or more

Hot Drinks

Hey, Kirsten! Glad you came back inside. Want some hot chocolate?
You bet!
Lanie, want to help?
Of course!
What kind should we make today?
Let’s make this pink chocolate.
I’ll get the little glass tea pot so we can see it better.
Yeah! It will pour better that way too.
Here we have added a little bit of real milk to the powder to start it and make the final drink a little richer.
That certainly is pink!
Yeah! Looks great!
Now we'll add the hot water.
Oh, it got even more pink!
Whipped cream?
Do you really have to ask?

Do you prefer whipped cream, marshmallow creme, or marshmallows in your hot chocolate? We like all the options, but the whipped cream was easier for this story.

Game Time

Anyone up for a game?
I’m going to check blogs and our Webkinz – you all play without me.
Let’s try this new game…Tenzi.
[The first roll picture turned out really blurry, so we aren’t using it.]
This is fun!
What number are you working on? I've got 2.
Too bad we can’t mix and match…I keep rolling 5s.
Woo hoo! I win!
And you were complaining about being behind!
What’s next?

What games do you like to play when you are home in bad weather?

Have a great day! Hoping you are staying warm; we've read the cold temperatures are reaching as far south as Texas.


  1. I was wondering where did you find melody's computer?
    Looks like y'all are having lots of fun!
    Keep warm!

    1. Melody's laptop is from Target. It is the one in the Our Generation Plaid To Meet You accessories set.

      We're to hit 30 on Saturday...that will be nice. :-D

  2. So cute! It's also soooo cold here in Ohio as well!

    1. Thank you!
      Looks like Ohio is colder than we are. Looking at the map makes me laugh...Alaska is again warmer than our section of the map (Ohio & PA).

    2. Yea! It's pretty cold! :(

  3. I loved all the photos, especially the pink hot chocolate. I like mine with marshmallows AND whipped cream. lol

  4. How fun! We had a snow day (for the first time in about four years!) too! That tea looks SO GOOD.

    1. Hope you had fun on your snow day.
      The pink hot chocolate was tasty and fun.

  5. Love to see all your snow day fun!! We love to drink hot chocolate when it's cold outside! We haven't had a snow day yet just some Ice days!! Stay warm!!

    1. Not fond of ice days. The crystallized trees and shrubs can be pretty, but makes getting around very difficult. Stay safe and warm!

  6. Ha ha! nice post Melody! I think its nice to read little stories like this one! :)
    Grace xxx &hearts :)

    1. Thank you. We have fun getting them together. :)

  7. I live in California, and it doesn't snow here. But it still gets kinda cold in the mornings, so sometimes I like some hot cocoa with marshmallows. My mom like hers with whipped cream. On rainy days, when I can't go out and play I like games like Trouble, Perfection, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Barrel Full of Monkeys, Twister and Battleship.

    1. Those are fabulous games! We have Battleship and Connect Four! Xyra has Trouble and Perfection. she's really good at Perfection.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :-D

    2. Oops! We have Connect Four too! I forgot that one! We also have Booby Trap.