Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Going Shopping 3

The Big Reveal

Melody Haley Kaya Kirsten Lanie All Xyra

Hey! Want to see what we got the other day?
Let's get a little more light. Oh, that's better.
Come on, what's in the bag?
Hold your horses! The first thing is this great sweater.
Go try it on.
Very nice!
It looks great!
A little big, but we can easily layer a tee shirt underneath.
Then we got this great Scottish outfit.
Pretty colors.
Love the kilt and kilt pin.
Cute socks.
Model that too!
Okay...How do I look?
Great. Look out, Haley! B is coming through!
Thanks for the warning.
I love that outfit.
So many great ways we can wear it.
As one outfit or separates.
The socks are really toasty.
And that all by Virginia from ArtFusion 19464.

What else is in the bag?
A great Felicity story.
A Cecile mystery.
Oh, I want to read that! Hand it over.
And Ivy's story.
Pass that here! I'd like to read that!
Those are all from Harleysville Books. They have a lot more too!
Maybe we can go along next time.
You never know.

That's it for today. What do you think of our new clothes and books? Have you read any of the books?

Stop back again tomorrow to see what we got for Christmas.

Warm wishes,