Monday, January 6, 2014

Going Shopping 1

It's kind of sad that Christmas isn't over for everyone (Orthodox Christmas is January 7) and Valentine's day is popping up all over the place. Let's enjoy January before running to February. I mean, Subway is having its "Janu-any" special where all footlong hoagies/subs are $5 and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday is on its way. 

Another reason we don't want to skip too far ahead is that our birthday is coming up. Xyra and I have the same birthday - January 14. (We'll do more on that later.) 

Of course, the super cold weather has our house looking to spring sooner than later (like a lot of other people) and inspired Xyra to start crocheting. You saw the mittens yesterday; now see where we went wearing them.

Lady Vanyer and ArtFusion 19464

Melody Xyra

What do you say we go visit Lady Vanyer at her work today?
Really? That would be fun!
I have a card to deliver to her and we'll look around the gallery.
Nice! Let's go!

We got in the car and headed to Pottstown. It didn't take long to park and find the building.

When we walked in the door we spotted a display piece by Lady Vanyer right away. It was hard to miss her bright, Beatles inspired needlework.
Hey, a yellow submarine! That's neat.
Take a walk around a look at all the cool things you can find here.
Cute snowmen!
I think I like this one best.
Pottery! Unique pieces and shades.

Soaps. This is my favorite; it's called Tea Treat.
Hmmm, I like the orange spice a little better.
Isn't this felted dragonfly pretty?
Oh, purses and scarves.
How does this look?
Nice color, but a little bit too big.
Hey, this pen is duct tape!
I like the colors.
Lots of pretty jewelry!
Something for everyone.

This is one of my favorites.
Two cute little mice.
Then I saw someone like me!
Melody Kit
Hi! May I help you find something today?
Hi! I think I'm just browsing. So you work here?
Yes, I model and help customers like you.
I like it.
That's a pretty jumper you're wearing.
Thank you.
Our latest arrivals are right here.
That's great! Oh, look, Ireland.
All the clothes are by Virgina Gaudiello.
That's great. She made my kimono and my sister's Santa Lucia outfit.
Really? Then you're familiar with her work.
Yes. She does really nice designs and finishing.
Then you should see the Russian outfit. It's lavender and purple with a matching, jeweled headpiece.

And Scotland!
Love the socks that come with it.
How does this sweater look?
The color is great on you.
I'm definitely taking the sweater. It's so soft and fuzzy!

Which other outfit do you think I got?

I didn't show you everything that was on the rack. There were gowns (like for a First communion or flower girl), a Tin Man costume, party dresses, and much more. Prices ranged from $5 - $40. You can contact ArtFusion 19464 for more details.

See you tomorrow with more on our outing!


PS. As with all out photo stories based in public places, we are showing you our favorite places. If you're in town check them out. No purchase required; all links are for information - however, if you really like something... Enjoy!



  1. Love the outfits can't wait to see what all you got!!

    I hear you about enjoying January before rushing into Valentine's. I really don't like when every one rushes through the holidays and life. slow down and enjoy it!!!

    1. The reveal will be Wednesday. Another leg of the outing tomorrow. :)

  2. I love Art Fusion's storefront. What a wonderful building!

    1. It is a great building! They have work areas in the basement and on the second and third floors. Perfect look for an art school and gallery. :)

  3. That is such a cool shop, I love that colorful sweater!

    1. If you were closer I'd bet you'd be a regular at ArtFusion, they have lots of art/craft classes. Isn't it a great sweater?