Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Catch Up

Just Chilling & Chilly

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You know, we haven't shown our friends what we got for Christmas yet.
We haven't?
We told a few though.
Let's show them now.

Molly's Lunch Box (This made an appearance in the bowling post.)

There are five pieces to this set. The box, napkins, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pear and cookie, and carrots and celery.
We wish the pear and cookie and carrots and celery weren't fused together. Oh, well.
I like the cookie, but not the pear.
And I like the pear and can pass on the cookie.
Everything fits neatly in the lunch box. And it really is metal.

Molly's School Bag

This is a seven piece set. The canvas book bag holds a three-ring binder filled with notebook paper and pencil case, two pencils, an eraser, grammar book, and flash cards.
Love this! Here is a closer look.

Molly's Swim Suit Set

Oh, cool! This is mine next summer.
Yes, it is.
Pretty peach and white one piece swim suit...
With green beach towel and peach and white espadrilles.
Don't forget the peach sunglasses, shell necklace, and a beach ball.
Love it! Looking forward to the warmer temperatures to be able to wear it. It's too cold now!
You look awesome in those glasses!
(We left the ball in the plastic because we already have a beach ball.)

Santa (Nana Kestrel) was good to us. Thank you!

Have a great day and stop by again soon.


  1. All of those are cute, but I especially like Molly's school bag! I'm sure you guys are happy you got those before they retired.

    1. Definitely. These sets have been on my favorites list for a long time. :-D

  2. I love Molly's bag and the swimsuit!

    1. I LOVE the school sets (historical and other), this is our first historical in our collection. The swimsuit is erally pretty. Love the colors.

  3. Aw that's so cool and cute! :) Nice post Melody!
    Grace xxxx ♥ :)