Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Rebecca Review

Rebecca Rubin Mini Doll

Monday* Mini Rebecca Rubin joined our family and became Haley's doll. She is one of the prettiest of the mini dolls…her coloring and eyes are unique.  A bit more expressive than some I have seen.
The mini dolls do not stand well on their own; at least not without a lot of adjusting and tons of patience. I think it is due to the sock/tight seam being centered on the bottom of the foot. (Yep, that's it. I took Felicity's socks off and she stands fine in her bare feet.) 

Front view

Rebecca's hair is really full and curly. Very soft too. The little gold barrette is cute, but doesn't tame her curls that much. It may be removed, but I’m not going to unless I have to.
She arrives in a tiny version of Rebecca’s meet dress. It is made of a heavy burgundy material with black an gold embellishments. She is also wearing black tights, white bloomers, and black and white button-up boots. (LOVE the boots.)

Back view

Her dress and boots have Velcro down the back so you can remove her shoes and clothes. There is elastic at the dress's waist so it doesn't just slide right off.

Rebecca’s Clothes

Here you can see her dress, bloomers, tights, and boots. I love that you can dress and undress her.

Doll Body

Like the larger dolls Rebecca's head and limbs are vinyl and her body is soft. Her head is attached similarly as you can see by the strings at the back of her neck. Rebecca has huge tags attached to her back. The biggest wraps around half of her body. 


The tights and bloomers and shoes are easy to get back on. The dress is another story. The elastic at the waist gets caught on the bloomers. That’s a slight annoyance. The big issue…the cuffs. Because the materials used to make the dress are heavy, the seams are thick. The thick seams narrow the space where the hand should go through the wrist; her thumb and pinky get caught trying to go through the cuff. (I had wanted to trade clothes with Felicity, but that’s not going to happen.)


Speaking of hands...I’ve had the Felicity mini doll since before AG changed her meet outfit. Their hands are shaped the same way, but Rebecca’s vinyl is softer and you can kind of squeeze her thumb and pinky in a bit. Felicity’s vinyl is rigid…there is no give in her hand, so I don’t think it will go through the cuff of Rebecca’s dress.


Rebecca's mini doll is great! Pretty and expressive face. Soft hair. Cute outfit. 

How many mini dolls (AG or other) are in your family?

Come back again tomorrow for a mini adventure. ;-) 

Thank you for stopping by. Visit with us again soon.

Best wishes.

*Rebecca arrived Monday but we didn't post her arrival until Tuesday.


  1. Nice! I have mini Marie-Grace, but who knows? Mini Rebecca might join the family soon. :) Make sure to check out my blog. I recently changed the name to: A Little Of This, A Little Of That
    And I also changed the URL to:

    1. Neat. I haven't seen the mini Marie-Grace up close. The minis are fun.
      I have seen the new blog and love it. :)

  2. I think she is so cute. I don't have any mini dolls, but I want the mini Saige.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this review!
    I have mini Cecile, but am hoping to get the Ruthie, Kit, Elizabeth, Felicity, Saige, Isabelle, Rebecca mini dolls sometime.

    1. You're welcome. It was fun to do.
      Mini Cecile is very pretty. She is on my wish list.