Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going Shopping 2

After ArtFusion 19464, Xyra and I headed over to Harleysville Books, LLC. It’s a great, little, indie (independent), bookstore in Harleysville, PA. They have lots of great events including American Girl events! This past summer they even hosted American Girl Day Camp. And if you like Legos, they have Lego events too, and meet the author…the list goes on and on. It’s a great place.

Harleysville Books, LLC

Melody Xyra

I just realized we only have Kirsten’s “Meet” book. Go see what they have in stock, please.
Really? Wow! Okay, you bet.
Oh, look Girl Scout materials. It would be fun to be in a Girl Scout troop. They do lots of cool things!
Here’s the section I need. Ah, Saige! She had a great story. I remember reading them last year at this time. Some other Girl of the Year books are here too, but we have them. I don’t see Isabelle though. That’s sad. I was hoping to get her books - maybe next time.
These are the Girl’s Guides.
I like this play kit. But I’m glad I don’t have to work yet. Yay! The Addy, Kaya, and Rebekah books. They seem to be out of order. Oh, they are alphabetical by title. Got it!
Pets! They have Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Honey, and Pepper.
The Bitty Baby plush animals are cute.
Mysteries! Love them.
Mini dolls! Felicity looks great in the purple, mine has the other dress. Cecile is beautiful.
Here are the Kit, Julie, Molly, and Kirsten books.
Xyra would love this one! She’s patiently waiting for City of Heavenly Fire to be published. Maybe for her birthday...
I’m going to read in this comfy chair for a bit.
Did you find anything.
Yes, they have a great selection.
But did you find anything.
Sure did! I pulled these three books.
Okay. Let’s buy them and head home.

How familiar are you with the American Girl books? What do you think I chose?
I’ll give you a few hints.
  1. The first is small, a short story about my favorite historical American Girl. It’s the book I am reading while sitting in the chair.
  2. The second is a little bit bigger and longer; is filled with clues about a piece of jewelry; and features a girl from the Deep South.
  3. The third is regular size and about a best friend; it is one with a pale colored cover and spine; she has to try to be in two places at once.
Come back tomorrow to see what we bought on our trip.
Sending WARM wishes to all our followers and readers. Be safe!
PS. If you liked the look of this bookstore and don't have a bookstore near you, you can shop online with them.



  1. Felicity's New Sister, Marie-Grace and the Cameo Necklace, and Meet Marie-Grace?

    1. Very close, but not 100%. You have 2 of the 3 correct. :-)

  2. Actually 1 1/2 correct - you have the right piece of jewelry, but the wrong historical.