Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule

With Some Sad News

We have many favorite spots to visit. One is a narrow gauge railroad that brought us into their large family. In 2016 the Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad™ celebrated 50 years of service. Grace reported on the celebration. Lea also visited in 2016. Kirsten was there in 2015. Kaya explored the railway in 2014. I've been there too, but I didn't get a chance to post about my experience. Every time we visited, Mr. Bauer was pleased to see us and would offer a beverage, visit, and accept our offer to lend a hand or approve our photo shoot.

Monday night Franz received a call with the sad news our friend Bill Bauer passed away. He is a wonderful man and friend. He was welcoming, gracious, and knew how to have a lot of fun. He even suggested and helped with this pose from Grace's trip.
If you look closely you can see his fingers. Here is the wide angle.

Rest in peace, Bill. To quote his grandson, Scott, "Keep your hand on the throttle and eye on the rail up there." We add, my the rail be welded, the crossings clear, and the weather fair. Thank you for all you have given us; you have a place in our hearts and souls forever.

Much love to the entire Bauer clan!



  1. Dear Xyra, I am sorry to hear of this loss. I am reminded just how precious life is and how we need to be gentle with each other as we navigate our way through it.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I completely agree and many times forget.