Monday, October 10, 2016

My Fabulous Weekend: Lea

Outstanding and a Bit Wet

Okay! I can not believe Grace is packed for her trip to Coolspring and I haven't even gotten to tell you about my fabulous weekend that included a stop to the power museum. So I'm staying up extra late to tell you about it. It's a long one, but I did narrow it down to 36 photos. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy!

Heading West

First Stop: Coolspring Power Museum

A few weekends ago, you know, Kaya also has a trip to tell you about, mine happens before hers. Anyway, back in September I got a chance to go away for the weekend. We got up really early and headed west to Coolspring, PA. Have the others told you it's 4 and a half hours from our house. We did stop at Wawa and got something to eat and drink early in the day and at Sheetz for gas later. I slipped a note in Grace;s gear to remind them to stop at the General Store Wednesday for lunch.

It started to drizzle when we got there and we unloaded some supplies at Sudlow Station. Tidied up a bit too. 
Selfie with the Parmaco!
The great thing about Sudlow is the tin roof [it's not rusted (giggles)] because you can hear the rain. When it let up Xyra and I headed up the hill to look at the Snow.
Yikes! Is it big!
They have have antique signs all over. This one was kind of funny.
This was a work weekend. The musuem was open to the public, but there wasn't a lot of foot traffic. So I was able to get a little closer to the Snow than my sisters have. Check this out! 
Just in case you forgot how big it really is.

If it were running, I wouldn't dare get this close to look at the neat gears and mechanisms.

Stopped back at Sudlow. One of the many jobs the volunteers do is moving brush and tree debris.
Out back I found this great stump. It's been here a long time. Check out the moss and other vegetation on it.

And then I found toadstools. We've been dry for so long that this heavy rain we had brought them right up.

Next I got to see twin in the Power Tech Annex. I can't imagine trying to start this one using the flywheels. I can barely get a hold on them. But Franz says there is a crank handle for it. That doesn't make starting any easier.
In the next room or building I found the Delevergne Hornsby-Akaroyd. This flyball governor is really something to look at even still.
The Army truck was right next to it so I had to get a shot with it. 
And a selfie too.
We could have stayed longer, but this was only supposed to be a quick stop to drop off a few things and take measurements of others. So we said goodbye and headed on our way.

Second Stop: Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

Our next stop took us to St. Mary's PA and the Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad. It was their Shawmut Days event - the last for the season. A couple of the crew members were testing the track. Wet rail is not very good for a smooth ride. Xyra and I headed down a path to where we could watch one of the locomotives approach the hill. The ferns were very thick. 
Xyra had me recreate a book scene; she said it was one of Bella's dreams. Whatever that means.

Then we waited and heard the engine getting closer, so I got ready to wave.
He went by quickly. No trouble with the hill.
Later we got a ride on the big train. 

I love the railroad's logo! There is a really interesting story that goes along with it. German in origin. Something about kids who don't do their chores are turned into geese and are taken away.

Sadly, this day had to end too. We left before dinner so we could get home during daylight.
We did get home in the daylight and I could get my beach gear together for my next trip.

Third Stop: Ocean City, New Jersey

This day did not start out well. Xyra and I got up early again and left the house at 6:30 AM. It was pouring rain. Super hard! Our trip down to see Lady Dartia, Mr. Naudee, Madame RB, and Dartia's college friend Eigh (that's pronounced "ee") took four hours. Four! Xyra says it usually takes 2 and a half. Yikes! When we got down there it was tricky getting to the house. The island roads were flooding (not nearly as bad as what Hurricane Matthew did to the south). Xyra mentioned she had packed in such a way that if we couldn't leave after dinner we could stay over.

I was ready for the beach, but there was no going. :(
So I got comfy with Mr. Naudee and Madame RB and we watched some TV.
While Dartia, Eigh, and Xyra were away, I changed out of my swim gear into shorts and a shirt; it was just more comfortable. 

The others brought lunch and cream puffs back with them. YUM! 
Grace would be so jealous. she loves cream puffs.

After lunch the rain had stopped long enough for us to go down to the boardwalk and see the ocean.

I even got to go on the beach! Yay!

Of course, it started to rain again. So we headed back to the house where we played RACKO the rest of the day until dinner. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup.

We were sad to leave. Had a great day down the shore with Xyra and her friends.

So that was my fabulous weekend. A long weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. What do you like to do on a long weekend?

Thank you for hanging in there with my report. I just had to tell you about my fun before Grace headed out to the fall expo. She gets to meet Flo. I got to meet Professor M. He's cool! If you're near Brookville or Punxsutawney, PA you should check it out. Coolspring is very close. The museum is open to the public Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Tchau! Ate mais tarde!


  1. Looks like you had a fun and busy summer Lea! Loved the B-52's reference. :)

    Tell Grace we will see her soon!

    1. Thanks! Just wait to see what Kaya was up to on her weekend!

      Grace says she can't wait to meet you!