Friday, October 28, 2016

Fur Family Friday

Pets and Halloween

Hi! We've seen the great costumes out there for dogs and some cats. Even ferrets, guinea pigs, and bunnies are not exempt from the super Halloween fan who wants the entire family to go out for trick or treat. Cocoa and Meatloaf have been known to dress up and love it.

Unfortunately there is another side to the holiday - the not so fun one. This is what we want to address today. If you have indoor outdoor kitties, it's time to keep them inside (especially your black kitties). Yes, they might fuss for for a bit, but in the long run you will keep them safe, warm, and with you - away from true creeps.

Licorice and Pyewacket enjoy watching the birds outside Nana Kestrel's house.

Best wishes,

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