Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 3

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day 3

Didn't take quite as many photos today.

Frigid Morning

It was downright cold this morning! With heavy frost. Can you see it on the plants?
After breakfast we went down to Sudlow Station to make sure it was open for the visitors to walk through. We forgot to do that yesterday.

Then we headed up to the FEH or Friends Exhibition Hall. Franz and Professor M were helping Jenks with an interesting marine engine. Then Xyra spotted Master Taylor. It was fun meeting him

Up at the FEH you can find all sorts of goodies for a free will donation. Plus coffee, hot chocolate, and TEA! Yay! 
There is also a heater in there so even with the doors open it was warm enough to ditch my coat and mittens.

Outside the Power Tech Annex Professor M had started an orchard heater. 
We could warm our hands and tail. (giggles)

Snack Time

Most of the day we stayed by the Annex so if Franz needed anything we could go get it and he would be able to stay with the running engines. It was fun to be a gopher for the engineers. We also took walks when we wanted or read. During one walk we stopped by the Bob Himes Ice Cream Shoppe. The ice cream is churned onsite using engines to do the spinning or cranking.
The red engine in front is running and the belt off the fly wheel is attached to a wheel behind. The fly wheel spins and the belt turns the other wheel and that wheel turns the crank handle to churn the ice cream.

This time we tried the pumpkin. 
It was AWESOME! Tasted like pumpkin pie and not just the spices either. You could taste the actual pumpkin.

Late Night

After dinner we walked down to Sudlow and started up the ParmaCo. Turned around and saw the moon rising above the Lillibridge Building. Cool, huh? it was a lot bigger in person.
Franz added a small heater in the front corner. it's mostly to help warm the engine to make it easier to start, but it's nice to sit by too!

That's all for today. We had a nice visit with Master Taylor. Which is you favorite photo of the day?

My last trip post will be tomorrow. hope you come back to visit again.

A bientot!


  1. Pumpkin ice cream is awesome, isn't it?

    1. Yes, it is! :-) Of the ones I've tasted this year, Coolspring had the best. Actually tasted like pumpkin pie and not just vanilla with pumpkin pie spices added.