Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Berry Picking

Flashback to July

Have you ever been to a picnic that wasn't at someone's house, but in the woods? I was lucky enough to tag along with Xyra this July. She was invited to a picnic by Nonna. When we got there we met Nonna's dad, Jammin J, and Ma Mojito. KayKay arrived later.

Exploring and Surprise

After getting to know everyone and settling our gear - we had chairs, a cooler, bags, snacks, etc. - we took a walk around. First we found a spring. 
It had a watermelon sitting in it. They were keeping it cool for later. It was really hot out.

Not far from the spring were...RASPBERRIES! I so wanted to pick a few.

But most of the ones I saw or could reach weren't ripe yet.

Behind the raspberry bushes - or are they vines? - was a neat mossy log. I had to climb up on it and rest a bit. It was tricky getting around the raspberry pickers.  But once there the moss was soft, and kind of damp.
I was just getting comfy when I felt a drop. Uh oh! Then another. We all made it back to the canopy before it poured! The rain didn't spoil the afternoon; there were different people performing on the covered stage and, of course, we could visit with each other. No matter the weather it's fun hanging out with friends.

Tchau! Ate mais tarde.


  1. Well, at summer camp, we didn't have a picnic, but we did have a campfire. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. But I have gone on picnics at the park and the beach.

    1. LOVE campfires! The warmth, colors, food, songs! You name it, they're the best! :-)

      So do you like your marshmallows a toasty golden brown or flamed out?

    2. I like my marshmallows super burnt on the outside, and super gooey on the inside! YUMMY!

    3. Nice. I go for the golden all around and gooey on the inside. :)