Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maine Fall 2016 1

Heading North

Hi! Earlier Grace got to tell you about her whirlwind trip north through Maine to Nova Scotia and back. Well, I got to go north too. Back to Maine, but not up to Nova Scotia. We stayed in the Wiscasset area. It is stunning.

Road Trip

If you are a frequent visitor to our blog you know when we go on road trips we leave early. Like before the sun rises. It's insane, but at least I can go back to sleep in the truck. Xyra makes sure she packs a few breakfasty type snacks because we tend not to stop for a couple of hours. Anyway, our first day was all on the highway. It wasn't bad. Once we got to Maine we stopped at Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch then headed to Sebago and Mayberry Farms to drop off the trailer and visit with the Mayberrys for a bit. then we were back on the road heading to Wisasset. We took the scenic route. It was really cool. Our home away from home was Wiscasset Woods Motor Lodge. It was as nice as Grace mentioned. Dinner at Sarah's Cafe was FAB-U-LOUS! I had "fisherman's pie." It's like shepherd's pie but is fish in a white sauce with peas covered with mashed potatoes. YUM-MY!

First Adventure - To The Rails!

Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railway

After a wonderful breakfast at the lodge, we headed up to the railway
You might wonder why we stopped again. Well, it's gorgeous and Franz and Xyra wanted to get a ride behind the recently restored steam engine number 9
It's a great little engine. We headed to the station and agent area to get our tickets then waited for the train and had a nice time hanging around the yard all day.
The boiler they are working on is still in progress. The machines that do the job are huge and cool!
(laughing) I love the roof on the new building. Can you see what they did in the shingles?
Here's a better look.
We also got to see the hand car in action. made me think of Gramma Enne and Opa Hans.
Then it was time to ride the train. These are the photos from our ride. The rails go through beautiful woodlands.

We had the option of getting off to take part in the fall fest or stay on and ride to the end of the line. We took the second option. Then headed back to Sheepscot Station.


The morning had been nice but the wind started picking up and the temperature started dropping. We put jackets on then headed back to Wiscasset proper for lunch at Red's Eats.
The line was long, but the food was fabulous!

After Lunch 

We walked around the town looking at the different shops. One bookstore had really old books in it. Xyra was in heaven. We both laughed at an old cookbook. All the recipes were just paragraphs. YIKES!
Down by the harbor we found some interesting history.
Wiscasset was almost the capital of Maine and was once the largest city in the state. Plus there were sunken ships right near where we were standing, but they were removed for safety reasons.
The seagulls had a nice perch.

That was my first day in Maine! What do you think? Have you been to Maine? What was your favorite photo?

So glad you stopped. Come again soon!


  1. Love that roof, how fun! We've never been to Maine, hopefully someday. It looks very pretty and interesting.

    1. Gorgeous state! One of my favorites. We've found it only takes 7 hours from our house to southern Maine. (We don't take 95).