Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 2

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day Two

House Keeping

Or is it tent keeping? Well, after a big breakfast we tidied up the tent and grabbed the cooler for a trip to the general store for ice. Just as we headed up the hill, Xyra got a text from Flo. She had arrived! Yay! So we quickened our pace.


First we saw Flo. Then Abby jumped out of the car!

Abby, Grace, both, Xyra

Hi! I'm Grace. This is Bonbon.
Hi! I'm Abby! She's so cute.
I love your outfit. Looks comfy and warm.
Thank you! Your does too.

Xyra and Flo exchanged goody bags. I love ours! They brought us a pumpkin and skull and a super cool sock monkey sleeping bag! Photo later.


This looks interesting. Is it a sculpture garden?
Hmmm, I don't think so. What part of the museum is this, Xyra?
I call this the boneyard. These are engines and pumps that are incomplete and broken beyond repair, but some are unique representing companies no longer in existence.
This one has funny wheels.
They look like gears.

This one is an oil pump like the one just outside the Windy City building.
(giggling) Hang on, Bonbon, we'll be down.

Let's go get some ice cream.
Yeah! I wonder what flavors they will have.

Half Breed Pavilion

It's great they have benches all over for people to sit.
Yeah! Perfect for enjoying your ice cream.
What engines are we sitting near now?
These are half breeds. They started out life as steam engines that were converted to gas engines.
Neat. Where were they used?
Oil fields.
What's this one?
It's the 20 horse South Penn Special.

Visit Ends

I can't believe how time flies here!
I know!
Also can't believe you have to go. It was great meeting you Abby!
You too, Grace.
Be safe; and say hello to everyone for us when you get home. (giggles)

Later That Day...and Night

The whole day was weird. sunny, breezy, overcast and repeat. I was glad I brought my heavy coat and mittens. My braids were getting loose so I brushed my hair and put in ponytails instead.

It was nice and toasty in the Windy City building. So Bonbon and I went to watch the Blaisdell air compressor engine run for a little bit.
After dinner we were in the Annex and watching the Johnny as well as many other Thermoil engines run.


This is the photo I promised. Check out the cool sleeping bag and pillow Flo brought for us. 
I'm looking forward to sharing it with my sisters.

Have you ever met up with friends and done something fun? We had a great day with flow and Abby. Which is your favorite photo from the entire day and which do you think we should add to the scrapbook?

More tomorrow.

A bientot!

Note: Climbing on stationary equipment and touching working equipment is not permitted due to safety concerns. Even non-working engine pieces can be dangerous if you slip and fall against them. They are heavy cast iron and steel pieces of equipment-you will break before they do.


  1. Hey look, it's me!!! --Abby

    I forgot to tell you--if you open up the pumpkin and put a battery operated tea lite candle in it, it looks like it's glowing! --Flo

    1. Hi, Abby! I hope I remembered our day okay. :)

      That is cool! We'll give that a try!

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    It's so cool when good friends meet!

    1. I know! And it's great to have found a few nearby. Wish we were a bit closer.