Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 4

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day Four

We were actually out in Coolspring, PA for five days, but only took photos on four. The last day was all about packing up and heading home.


After breakfast I wanted to go back to the boneyard and take a closer look at the "statues" Abby and I explored. Here you can see the names and details.

I tried searching online for this one and couldn't find anything at all. 
Professor M said they probably closed a loooonnnnnggggg time ago.

I finally got to see the DeLeVergne Hornsby-Ackaroyd running. It's impressive.

Then one last trip for ice cream.

On the last day, the engineers shut down engines at 3 PM and start winterizing them. Make sure all water is drained and things are oiled. That way they won't freeze and crack. It looks a lot quieter now than earlier in the day.

Moon Rising

The full moon is awesome! This shot is going up to dinner.
This is during dinner.
After dinner everyone hung out for awhile. It was fun.

I really didn't need my lantern, the moon was that bright, 
but it was fun to check out what the Snow building looks like in the dark.
Then the Snow ran for a bit. It got chilly and I was glad to have my jacket.

I had a great time on our trip to the museum. Not sure when my turn will come again. I bet you can guess who will go in June. What was your favorite photo from today?

Thank you for checking out my adventure. Please stop again in the future; we're not always talking about engines.

A bientot!


  1. It was so fun getting together with you and Xyra! That's interesting about the mystery engine. I'll have to see if I can find out anything, that isn't too far from here. Hope to see you again soon.

    1. We always have a great time! That would be fun if you could find something. I didn't have much luck with an online search, but didn't think of searching Butler, PA.