Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Return to St Mary's PA

Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad

Where the Geese Wear Pants

And I get to take pictures!

It was great! I got to go back to St. Mary's and I carefully took pictures. It was fun, but means I'm not in any of them. So here I am figuring out which pictures we should use for the post. 
I took close to 200. Narrowed it down to 27.

Sinnemahoning Valley with Dump Car

These first few are of the Sinnemahoning Valley engine and a dump car. We traveled to the lower turntable.

Isn't the line beautiful?
At the turntable.

Heading out again.

At the bridge.

The narrow gauge motorcar (aka track inspection vehicle).

Getting Ready for the Public
The steam engines.
#4, the little Brookville engine.

Railroad Working!

It Started to Rain

Come back tomorrow for a shorter look at another narrow gauge railroad.

Best wishes,


  1. Those pictures are the coolest!!! I especially love the 4th to last one! So cool of you to share! =D

    1. Thank you. It was fun to see all the engines running at once. Glad you liked the shots.

  2. Very fun! :)