Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Pet Part 2

Fancy Pomeranian

The Welcome Committee

Pet Meet and Greet

Coco, Licorice, Meatloaf, Rascal, & Pomeranian
I smell someone new.
Oh, wow.
Who are you?
Hi! I think this is my new home. Will you be my brothers and sisters?
We're a few, but there are others.
I'm Coco.
How well do you share?
Would you like my purse?
Sure. It's pretty.
You can hold my mouse.
I don't usually play with mice, but okay.
Did you say you don't have a name?
Yes, well, one that you would understand, but not the kind our people usually use.
I understand that; my real cat name is not Rascal. I don't think people could spell or pronounce my real name.
Don't worry. When the girls meet you they'll give you a name. Here comes Melody now. She's great.
They are all really caring toward us. Not a tail puller among them.
Maybe an too tight hug now and then...
And a stepped on paw, but nothing hurtful on purpose.

The Girls Arrive

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more
What's all the commotion? Hey...who are you?
(panting, wagging) Yip, yip. (licks Melody's nose)
(giggling) Aren't you cute and friendly!
Where'd the dog come from?
I'm not sure. She's really cute.
(panting, wagging)
What a darling puppy! 
Yip, yip, yip. (wagging, prancing)
Oh, she's a little lover.
(licking Haley's chin, wagging)
What's going on?
Oooo, a pom-pom!
Is she ours?
I think so.
Here puppy.
Oh, that  won't do. She needs a proper name.
How about Princess?
(sneezes, shakes head)
I guess that's a no.
Snow white?
(whines, paw to nose)
Another no. Good ideas though.
Bijoux? [pronounced bee-zhoo]
(prances, jumps)
Bijoux, eh. Sounds good to me too.
Here, Bijoux.
(wagging, prancing)
So cute!
(dancing, prancing, wagging) Yip. yip.

Welcome, Bijoux!

Xyra Note
Dear followers, thank you for your patience and continued presence. As is with many of you, September is a very busy month and this year busier than others. Currently our eldest kitty is experiencing kidney troubles - she requires fluids injected daily (I applaud the pet owners who can do this on their own; I just can't), so lunchtime is spent at the vet. Another kitty is experiencing head congestion - she is on an antibiotic and we are hoping that clears up soon. With that addition to the schedule I got behind in reading a commenting on your blogs, reading emails, and posting to Facebook. I am slowly catching up and hope to get back on schedule soon. Thank you again for your support.

Best wishes!