Monday, September 8, 2014

First Day of School

Back to School

Did your family take pictures on the first day of school? We did and we've seen a lot of great first day pictures on Facebook and other blogs. Some of our pets decided to see us off. Did your pet go to the bus stop with you?

Group Shot



Haley chose to wear her meet outfit jeans with the 2011 AG Fashion Show top and OG All Eyelets on Me pink loafers. She is carrying the OG Plaid to Meet You school bag and the Best Friends Forever pony lunch box.


Kaya is wearing the AG Coconut's Best Friend outfit tee shirt with the AG Sightseeing outfit skirt, AG Sweet Socks and Tights knee socks, and OG high top sneakers (not shown on website). She is carrying the purple AG Back-to-School Set backpack and will be buying her lunch.


Kirsten (with help) chose The Queen's Treasures khaki pinafore/jumper dress with the AG True Style outfit tee shirt with her own meet outfit boots. She carry's Molly's School Bag and lunch box.


Lanie (with help) chose the pink kitty dress Gramma Enne gave us. She added a white ribbon sash and headband, and finished off the outfit with MLA Pretty Pink Party shoes. Her own messenger bag is on her shoulder and she will buy lunch. [Yes, Meatloaf is holding onto Lulu's leash.]


Melody (with help) chose to wear the craft show green and blue plaid dress with peter pan collar and green sash. On her feet she sports Molly's saddle shoes and OG Sweet in the Heat ankle socks. She carries the AG Reversible Schoolbag with the box lunch.

Melody chose a half crown braid for her hair - to the bloggists we follow who post hairstyles - thank you for all the tutorials.

Did you buy or take your lunch on the first day of school? What did you have?

Hope you had a great first day of school.

Best wishes,


  1. I like Kirsten and Kaya's outfits best!

  2. Not only do they look very cute, they look like dedicated schoolgirls too! Love this idea.

    1. Thank you. This is definitely a studious bunch. :-)

  3. Hi everybody!

    You all look so groovy! Our first day of school doesn't start until Monday the 15th. I went to Woolworth yesterday shopping for school supplies. My school, Springfield Elementary is only a couple of blocks away, so I walk to school. Sometimes I ride my bike if we plan to go to Sam's Snack Shack after school.

    1. Wow! The 15th. You almost get a full summer break, if you go by the official start date of fall. Hope you have a great first day. We did.

  4. Love to see the girls wearing dresses to school! So pretty!