Thursday, August 30, 2018

Two is Better Than One

What's Red and White and Blue...and White?

Flea Market Couture

Grace, Kirsten, Xyra, 2 or more

Hey, Kirsten! What are you doing?
Watching The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Netflix. Why? (pauses movie) What do you have?
Two new dresses! Here help me with them.
Oooo, they're maxi dresses!
Let's put them on the bed.
I love the blue one!
(giggles) I thought you would. Shall we try them on?
I'll try the red...
Oh, no, you won't! I have dibs on that one. You already said you liked the blue one.
(giggles) Just kidding!
That looks nice. (grunts)
Do you need help with the shrug?
Nah. I got it, just couldn't find the arm hole....There.
Very comfy, despite the high neckline.
You both look great! Pose please! Say cheese.
Kirsten are you coming to along to church with Lady Dartia?
Oh! I almost forgot! At least I'm dressed for it. (giggles) See you later, Grace!
Have fun! Tell Lady Dartia I said hi!
Will do!

Church in the Park

Usually we go to church in a different town and the cluster service for my group was back on August 19. Lady Dartia was in visiting her family and asked if we wanted to go along with her and her family to the local cluster service in the park. The park is 5 minutes from our house, of course we went!
The Red Hill band played a lot of the service music.
While collecting offering was kind of hectic, communion was easy peasy.
The morning was cool enough to go out and the service was comfortable, but we could feel the temperature and humidity rising as time passed.

Dress Notes

  • Both dresses were purchased from a vendor in the flea market at Rough and Tumble.
  • I believe the seamstress was Amish or maybe Plain Mennonite. I can't remember her apron or bonnet color. Either way, skilled with a needle.
  • It was hard to choose. There were so many adorable dresses; even a few in the Amish style. It came down to colors we do not have a lot of in the wardrobe.
  • Both were reasonably priced, maybe a bit on the high side give the lack of accessories, but I thought of the time taken to hand sew $10 and $12 seemed fair to me.
  • I chose Kirsten and Grace to model so you could see they fit both the older and newer AG body types nicely. (A relief since her models were all Springfield.)
  • One nit picky thing...she used the super picky Velcro.
    I would prefer snaps or even hook and eye closures. (I might mention that next year.)

Which is your favorite dress?

Thank you for stopping. See you later!


  1. Velcro is evil? Ok, maybe not that much but I do prefer snaps on doll clothes.

    1. Not all is evil, just the super picky, industrial strength kind. :-D

  2. I like them both, but I think the blue is my favorite of the two. Great choices!

    1. They both have a floral element. The blue is an adornment at the waist. They lined up the pattern so it blends well, but gives a 3D pop. :-)