Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Build: December 2017

Last Month of the Year

Hey there! Guess what time it is! 
Time for our Lego calendar rebuild reveal. It's the last month of the year, which is also the title of one of our favorite Christmas albums. It's The Kingston Trio from 1960. Anyway, it's time to show you our December 2017 build.

Keeping our tree theme was super easy, so we amped it up a bit and also included a tribute to Advent. 
Let's take a closer look.
Here you can see the big picture. A community square ready for the holidays complete with train ride.
Santa is watching over everyone. Stephanie just mailed her holiday cards. We say holiday because she sent a few Hanukkah cards too. Emma is enjoying some hot cocoa by the Christmas tree; her pup, Pepe, nearby. Jennie and Joey are talking about plans for the day. Andrea is sitting with Jewel; and Naomi is ready for the next train ride. Side note-don't search the Lego wikia for Pepe, Jennie, or Joey. We named them, Lego didn't.

We have three trees: the decorated Christmas tree, small evergreen tree, and a deciduous without its leaves. 
Poinsettia's line up in front of the calendar. The calendar and stripes represent the colors of advent in an advent wreath. (giggles) We had to adjust the colors to fit the bricks we had so three of our candles are blue not purple. the pink one is right. So the purple represents preparing; the blues: hope, faith, peace; and the pink joy.

The top is covered in lights! And is a perfect place for Santa to watch.

Not many animals this time. They're all hiding because the extra activity has them nervous or it's too cold. (giggles)
So what do you think? What is your favorite part of this month's build? 
We're thinking about a theme for next year; do you have any ideas?

We continue decorating tomorrow.

So glad you stopped. Come again soon!


  1. Woah, did you build that all yourself? That's so cute and amazing! I love Kaya's outfit, too!

    1. Sort of. Parts of many sets used to make this. Not sure we'll ever be part of the "master builder" group. :-)

  2. Wow that looks beautiful. I love the idea of making a Lego calendar. Very festive!

    Morgan from the TN Girls