Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Prep 2017 D

Trimming the Tree

Or Trees

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Xyra2 or more

One of our favorite things to prepare for Christmas is trim or decorate the tree. 
We're lucky enough to have several, like five - yep you read that right, five - trees to decorate. 
Four are in Xyra's office then we have one at home.
I think we practice with the office ones so we get ours just right. (giggles)

It Begins

Hey, Kirsten, is this the skirt for the big tree?
No, that one goes with the tree in the train loop.
Got it.
You know, we could use it for this one.

Looks like we have a few new ornaments this year.
Yeah, not just the balls.

The lights are working fine. Let's start with the garland.
Oh, man, this is like playing hot potato. (giggles)
I think we almost have it.
Does it look straight?
Straight? When is garland straight? (laughing)
(giggles) I meant evenly distributed.
That doesn't happen often either.
Let's start with green.
Now the red.

I've got this new one. Putting it right up front.
I'm going for gold!
Silver for me!
I call green!
I've got the small red.
Looks great! Strike a pose! 

Do you have a special or favorite ornament?

Come again to see the other trees get trimmed.


  1. I have 2 ornaments with my name on them. My mom gave me one, and our good friend Fawn gave me the other. They're the first ornaments to go on my tree every year.

    1. That's neat! No names on our tree, but lots of things that represent our favorites or events that happened.