Thursday, December 28, 2017

Surprise! Surprise!

What is in Here?!

We had a lovely Christmas. Yesterday Melody mentioned we'd be sharing some of our presents.
This pile includes items from Gramma Enne & Opan Hans, Nana Kestrel, and the Say Hello to My Little Friends Crew!
We're going to look at the smallest today.
I have a Mineez.
I have a FlipaZoo. Shall we flip-a-coin? (giggles) Just kidding, you go first; that looks more challenging than mine.
(struggles withe plastic) Ugh! This. Is. Nuts. I need the scissors. (struggles with scissors) Finally! (pops open the blue lantern) A little yellow bag. 
(cuts bag open) (laughs) He's cute! Kind of squishy too. Oh, I get it! They're like squinkies! Min-eez!
Does that say they glow in the dark?
Yes! Awesome! According to the paper, he's Au Naturale. 
Well, he can find make a house out of the lantern. Love it!
My turn! 
(tears open package) I was right, mine is much easier! No extra wrapping either! Ta da! A golden hippo.
Hippo! Are you sure? 
I don't see hippo on this list anywhere? Golden lion; does it have a mane?
Golden bear?
Maybe. May I look?
Hmmm, I see what you mean. What does it change to?
Looks like clear orange tiger.
Okay, it has to be the bear.
These are so much fun! 
Thank you to the Say Hello gang! 
Hey, did you get any fun surprises like these? If yes, what type?

Xyra's Notes
My apologies with regards to the photos being bright and dim. I thought I took double shots on each pose. One of the fun things I received this year was the American Girl Doll Photo kit. I bet a lot of people did. My hope - even the basics presented will help me improve my photography. I truly appreciate our followers hanging in and supporting our blog. 

Have a great day! Come again soon!


  1. Glad you had fun opening those! I was especially intrigued by the Flip toy, very interesting.

    1. It could be a great fidgit toy! flip, flip, flip, flip...

      (My grammy made me a flip doll when I was little, Loved her and still have her. ~Xyra)

  2. Cute glasses Kirsten! Are they AG?

    1. Thank you! Yes, they'er the chocolate glasses.