Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Prep 2017 C

Lea's Adventure Continues

Pennsylvania German Christmas Market

Goschenhoppen Historians Folklife Museum

Hey! Thank you for coming back! At least, I hope you're a returning reader. If you're new, that's super cool and you should check out parts A and B.

So yesterday I showed you the decorated and shopping area, when we finished on that floor we turned the corner and found more stairs!
These led up to the folklife museum part of the building. I heard some really cool music coming from above and when we reached the top we found a guy playing the ancient pipe organ. 
The tune sounded familiar. Xyra looked over his shoulder to see he was playing On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry. Perfect for the season.

The first thing I noticed in the main area was a pulpit with lectern. I'm not sure what church it came from, but it was really cool. I checked out the Bible was in GERMAN!

Check out the egg tree. So many ways to decorate eggs. See the onion skin ones at the base of the tree?
I love these rag balls. I just know Lady Vanyer could do wonders with them.
Hey, this dresser and horse are perfect for me. I wonder if Butterbrandy and Steps High would push it?
This is a nice size tree. 
Back in the 17 and 18 hundreds many houses were small with only a few rooms. Having a small tree like this made the house festive without taking away needed space.

What?! Can you imagine making so many cookies you would store them in a laundry basket? 
Xyra says this was a common practice.

I love the china cabinet. Each set has a neat design on it.
As we headed down the stairs I noticed this commemorative poster celebrating the ELCA's (that's Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) 150th anniversary. 
Hey, we're close to 2018 so that means another hundred seventy years! Wow!

Goschenhoppen Country Store

Next stop, the general store museum. It does remind me of Coolspring. Here's a barrel of salt.
I dropped my letter to Santa in the outgoing mail slot.
Who knew there were so many types of needles!
Postcards. Not sure who to send one too.
Here's a nice collection of goodies; all would make good Christmas gifts. Check out the pretty doll. She comes in her own box.

We didn't take any photos in the bottom level of the market. Very busy, but that's where the bake sale and lunch counter were. We picked out some really good looking cookies and had ham sandwiches for lunch with thin pretzels and red beet eggs. Yum!

Schwenkfelder Library

This is a different place. Much more modern than the historians' building in Green lane. The Schwenkfelder (that's pronounced sh-whenk-fell-der) library is in Pennsburg on the campus of the Perkiomen School (that's per-key-oh-men, wow I never realized how many place names people might need help pronouncing). Anyway, it's a neat place and we stayed on the lower level for this trip. This was one of my favorite displays.
Love that punch bowl set. And the coffee grinder.
I can't imagine using a stove like that! do you see the basket of kittens?
This is a neat doll house.
On this side you can see the handles and the electric hook up.
These Santas are cool. They'd look great with the tree in Green Lane.
I think these are elbedritsches, but more fancy!

This bed looks so comfy! The poncho and hat are my favorite color - orange!
Isn't this bunny darling?
I found a friend in the one area. She said she lives in the library. 
That could be cool and spooky at the same time. I wonder if there is a tablet like in the movie Night at the Museum?

After our visit here we each took a cookie. I had a plain cut out. Xyra took what she said was an ice box cookie similar to what her Grammy made at Christmas. It was cut much thinner than she remembered, but was just as tasty!

So that was my wonderful day at Christmas Market. Do you have a favorite photo from today's post? What is your favorite Christmas or holiday treat? I hope we make some cookies of our own. I know we'll be baking breads later.

Tchau! Até mais tarde!

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