Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Prep 2017 B

Pennsylvania German Christmas Market

Goschenhoppen Historians Part 1

Hi! If you follow us on Facebook, you saw a sneak peek of this post. Early Saturday morning, Xyra told me I'd be going with her to Green Lane and the Goschenhoppen museum.
I got dressed right away, but Mel told me the antlers might be a bit much for the outing. She said it might be crowded and they'd get bumped.
You might want to grab a beverage and snack. This is going to be a long post. (giggles)

It was a warm day. I was perfectly cozy with just this sweater as a coat. Green swags and red bows decorated the outside; I hoped the inside was just as pretty.
Oh, wow! Look at these stairs!
[Side note: The museum is not easily accessible. Stairs everywhere. There is discussion about installing a chair lift for inside, but just discussion at this time.]

The very first tree I saw had white paper stars on the branches. We have a few paper stars for our tree, but they are green and red. I like the white ones too.
I haven't met Great Auntie Mame yet, but Melody said she would have loved this year's displays. So many Creches or Nativity scenes. From all over the world.

Oooo! The Scrooge Trees. 
Nana Kestrel helped with these! She has a huge Scrooge collection.

The felt ornament tree set close to the piano where students were providing the musical entertainment for the day. They were good. 

I found this cute kitty near the "fireplace."
And these great bears. I kind of wanted to sit with them. The chair looked comfy.
I don't think we could decorate our entire tree with Santas. Angels maybe but not Santas.

Here's another tree Nana Kestrel decorated. It's the Elbedritsch tree, that's pronounce el-beh-dr-itch. Let me know if you can't read the photo with the explanation and I'll add it to my post tomorrow. Yep, Saturday was so full it's at least a two part-er!

She made the elbedritsches with gourds, paint, feathers, and a bit of glue.
All through the hall were vendors you could buy Pennsylvania German style gifts. I love this calico giraffe and clothespin Santa...he's wearing blue!

Okay, so that's it for today's post. Do you have any favorite trees or decorations or photos? Or questions? If you could make a theme tree, what would the decorations be? Leave comments please!

Come back again tomorrow!

Tchau! Até mais tarde!


  1. LOL, I laughed so hard at this line and its picture!: "I got dressed right away, but Mel told me the antlers might be a bit much for the outing. She said it might be crowded and they'd get bumped." I love the pictures, it looks like you had a great visit to the museum!


    1. Oh, I did, Madison! And Mel was right about the antlers. I could have been bumped by other visitors or I could have bumped displays. :-O

      Thank you. It was a fun morning!