Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Prep 2017 A

It's Holiday Season!

Bake Sale

Grace, Lanie, both
Hi! Do you bake for the holidays?
Or do you visit bake sales?
Maybe you do both.
This past weekend was the Goschenhoppen Historians Pennsylvania German Christmas Market and we helped Xyra with the baking.
We looked through different recipes and made a list of four things we wanted to do.
We made two cinnamon coffee cakes (giggles) by accident.
I measured out twice the milk required and added it to the batter.
When we realized what happened, we kicked into high gear and made another batch of batter, minus the milk of course.
The coffee cakes came out great!
Then we decided to double the gingerbread recipe.
Still made 4 items to contribute.
We had enough gingerbread batter left over to make a cake for us. 
The edges got a bit dark, so we cut them off, but otherwise it's a-okay! (giggles)

Gift Ideas

Hi! This time of year is filled with gift ideas, holiday bazaars, vendor fairs, fundraisers, etc. Plus great Pinterest ideas on creating the perfect gift basket for your friends and family. Well, if you have a tea lover or honey lover on your list, you may come across these "honey spoons."
The look really cool!
Sadly, they don't quite work like they are supposed to. The "honey" part is wrapped twice. Under the first layer the spoon is shrink wrapped. That part is hard to get off. Then it's solid like a lollipop. Kind of cool looking.
Unfortunately, it doesn't melt well and whatever they use to make it solid changes the taste of the honey and leaves a strange aftertaste. So skip the honey spoons and look for honey straws or sticks that are little plastic tubes with liquid honey inside instead.
Photo by The Bee Folks

What are you doing to prepare with the holidays?

Best wishes,


  1. Yum, yum. You girls are amazing bakers :) I love the honey sticks. I've seen some at a local tea room that were other flavors like cinnamon and apple. Have you ever seen them?

    Morgan from the TN Girls

    1. (giggles) We try, sometimes we make mistakes. But learn for the next time.

      Honey sticks are great! We've seen the flavored ones.

  2. A honey lollipop sounds kind of strange!