Thursday, July 20, 2017

Updating in 2017 II

Blogs We Visit

Up to Date

Kaya, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Whew! Glad that's finished.
Me too!
You're done with the Blogs We Visit page?
Yes. Even figured out how to get all the links to actually link this time.
(closes binder) Great team effort on this one.
Yeah. I felt like Santa Claus or one of his helpers; checked the list at least three times. Then searched our inbox, favorites file, and wordpress index AND checked the list again!
Did we capture everyone we follow and is currently active?
I think so. I used the tablet to test and double check or quadruple check them.
It's interesting, while checking the links and visiting the pages I noticed how many we follow or subscribe to that are supposed to deliver a notice of activity to our email address and we don't get email updates. 
That stinks.
What are you working on? I see you have your laptop too.
Oh, I was researching a topic for a What's What Wednesday.
Anyway, I'm glad we're up to date now. 
Yep! High five!
Let me in on that! (giggles)

Thank you for your patience during our updating process. Please feel free to check out our Blogs We Visit page. If you know we read your blog and you aren't on the list, please leave a comment here or there.

Best wishes,


  1. Good job girls, that's a lot of work! It always makes me sad when I discover that a blog I really work has gone inactive. :(

  2. Corrections have been made to the list. It is up to date once more. :)