Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tea Review: Teapigs EB

Thirsty Thursday #15

TeapigsEnglish Breakfast

Hi! We have a snow day! Yay! Kaya went outside and the others slept in. I wanted some tea, so I'm hear to tell you about Teapigs English Breakfast blend.
Melody met the Brooklyn Teapigs crew at the Coffee and Tea Festival Philly last November. They had a lot of fun with the representatives; came home with 6 or so different blends to share.

You really should check out the Teapigs site. They have a "mood-o-meter" to help you pick your tea! I didn't need it to pick out the "Morning Glory" here.
I love how the back of the package tells you so much in a font size you can really read. There is a description of the blend from founder Louise. Then a bit about the tea temples. The steeping instructions and ingredients. Their English Breakfast blend has Rwandan, Assam, and Ceylon teas.
The tea temple is kind of like the pyramid bags other companies use. 
It has great space for the leaves to expand.
Here we go. Remember black teas like this one are best steeped with boiling water. Temple in the teapot and timer set for 3 minutes.
Hmm, what kinds of things can you do in 3 minutes? 
[timer beeps]
That didn't take long.
Check out the temple now. It's completely full. The leaves unfurled.

Look at how beautiful. It smells inviting.  
The first sip is always plain. 
This is smooth, The description reads "malty, zesty, rich." It does have zing and richness. Let me think on how to describe it.

Now with milk.
Also nice. A bit more creamy than plain.

With milk and sugar.
I used a touch of regular table sugar. The sweetness kind of takes over. The first two ways are best.

So Xyra had a cup too. She says "It kind of has a leathery, cherry pipe tobacco-ie ness to it." That made her think of the type of private home libraries bibliophiles dream about. When she said it I thought of Beauty and the Beast. (giggles)

To recap... 
Teapigs English Breakfast tea is a tasty cuppa for breakfast or any other time of day. Unless you can't have caffeine after a certain time. This English Breakfast blend is rich and warm and smooth with a touch of its own sweetness so you don't really have to add sugar. Unless you like really sweet tea. This holds up to milk and sugar well.

Xyra's Note

You can re-steep this blend; extend the time by a minute. This one temple made three nice cups.

Tchau! Até mais tarde!


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