Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SHMLF Book Club #1

Looks Like Fun

Oh. My. gosh! This is so cool! Flo and the girls at Say Hello to My Little Friends is organizing a book club. The first book is called Lanie, just like I am! 

I have to read this! I wonder if we have a copy...Found it!

We kind of look similar, and I have a dress in that striped pattern. 
So cool! She's carrying a basket of plants?! I like gardening!

What's the blurb say...[reading aloud]
Meet Lanie Holland: Lanie was born with "outside genes." She dreams of being an explorer of the wide, wonderful world--tracking wildlife, trying new experiments, and recording factoids in her science journal. Trouble is, the rest of her family has "inside genes." It wouldn't be so bad if Dakota, her bets friend and fellow nature lover, were around. But she's on the other side of the world, having awesome adventures in a real rain forest.
What Lanie needs are some real adventures of her own. Things start looking up when her outdoorsy Aunt Hanna comes to stay--and Lanie finds a few surprises in her own backyard.
Oooo! I'm gonna email the others. They should read it too. 
I wonder if we have time to share it around? 100 pages, no problem! [keys taping quickly]

[notification chimes]

From Melody: I'm in! Maybe we've found your twin! 😁

From Kaya: Let me know when it's my turn to read. 😊

From Haley: Cute. Sounds good to me.

From Grace: LOL The cover girl does look like you! 

From Kirsten: I just finished my book for language arts class. I can sneak this in before the next assignment.

From Lea: Is there an audio book? Just kidding. Count me in!

Woo hoo! I'm reading first!

Have you read Lanie by Jane Kurtz? if yes, what did you think?

See you again soon!


  1. Yes, I just finished reading Laney. I really enjoyed it. I know how she feels. I find rest and adventure in my yard, watching the birds, lizards, neighbors cats, etc. I enjoy planting seeds and small plants and watching them grow. It was such a nice day today that I thought I would sit in the backyard and watch God's beautiful creation. I noticed a little Carolina Chickadee feeding in one of my gazebo type bird feeders. I bought I should put more seed in the feeders. When I came closer, I found a terrified little chickadee. Somehow he must have climbed in the little plastic tube to get seed and couldn't get out. Poor little bird. He was hopping up and down. As I lifted the lid off the feeder, he flew out into the nearby tree to catch his breath, then flew off.

    1. That's neat! I'm glad you could help the little bird.

      Yes, sometimes I'll be walking or doing something and just stop and gaze in awe of creation.

      Only a few more days to the club meeting! :)

  2. I'm anxious to hear what the girls think about Lanie, such a cute post! Only 6 more days!!!