Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Lent Eve

Which Tradition Do You Follow?

Hi! Today is a special day for many. It's Fastnacht Day, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, and Mardi Gras aka...that means "also known as"...Fat Tuesday.
It's a day of celebration before the reflective time of Lent that leads up to Easter.
Many who don't follow the specifics still enjoy celebrating with those that do.
Who wouldn't? All the tasty treats!
Back in 2013 we told you a little bit about all the special-ness this day holds.
Our 2014 greeting gave a great look at real fastnachts.
No post in 2015?! What?! Made up for it in 2016!

New Old Tradition

One of the names for today is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. So this morning we had pancakes for breakfast! Yay! I read an article about Pancake Day and the pancake races they have in England. And a few people were complaining about people not eating the right pancakes. I bet these are wrong. (giggles) But a lot of people in our area celebrate Fastnacht day with doughnuts and there is a BIG difference. Some even call it doughnut day! HORRORS! (giggles)
Do you like pancakes? What's you favorite kind? I love blueberry pancakes and apple pancakes. These are plain, but those are awesome too!

Learn About Mardi Gras

Way back when we were only 4 in number and before we were blogging, we read a great mystery with a Mardi Gras setting. It was a fun read and told us a lot about New Orleans Mardi Gras society. Reminded Xyra of the different Mummers clubs in Philadelphia. Anyway, we thought to round out this year's celebration we'd share her review of Ruined by Paula Morris.

Xyra's Review
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a very good ghost story - it gave information in bits and pieces keeping it mysterious. However, it could have had deeper development especially with the characters [I find this to be an issue with third person limited point of view - in staying vague].

I truly enjoyed learning the history and social order of New Orleans as well as a peek into its traditions and past. Though the story is fiction I have no doubt something similar took place in reality.

It's a good read and kept me rivoted from the first page. (Even ignoring another book I'm working on.) I was not disappointed in the end - though I do wish it had gone just a bit further.

Sometimes the main character seemed spoiled and hot headed and peevish; and we did not get enough of her romantic interest.

Quite enjoyable - would like to know what happens after everything is truly sorted out with the families or if they decided to let the authorities declare everything accidental.

Note: the second book in the Ruined series is called Unbroken. We have not read that...yet.

Which way would you choose to celebrate? 
We've decided we like all and do a little bit of everything.

Best wishes,


  1. Love the beads! Glad you worked some pancakes in today! We just came from having pancakes and King cake at church. Straight to the treadmill for me, but I watched the Great British Bake off!

    1. Thanks! Everyone has their own. :) We haven't had King cake yet. Perhaps next year!

  2. I loved doughnut day when I first heard about it. We didn't celebrate at all yesterday. Maybe I should make some doughnut pancakes for dinner tonight??

    1. We LOVE pancakes for dinner! We're still eating fastnachts, but they should be done soon. :)