Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fastnacht Day 2016

Time to Celebrate!

Fastnacht Day!

In our area of the country, we celebrate Fastnacht Day. It's the day before Ash Wednesday. A fastnacht (fahs-naht) is similar to a doughnut, but not a doughnut. It's made from potato dough and traditionally square or diamond shaped. Nana Kestrel brought us these from Dice's bakery. Our church also makes them too. The origin is German.

Shrove Tuesday!

Other people celebrate Shrove Tuesday or pancake day the day before Ash Wednesday. It has its origins in the United Kingdom. So if you don't have or like fastnachts, whip up some pancake batter and heat up the griddle.

Mardi Gras!

One of the most widely know pre Ash Wednesday festivals is Mardi Gras. With French origins. Foods attributed to this festival include King Cake and Moon Pies.


Today marks the last day of Carnival in Brazil. It's very similar to Mardi Gras; parades, dancing in the streets, great food. Um, by many US standards, the parades are not "family friendly."

All of these have something in common, a great party before entering a time of reflection and fasting which is Lent. The tradition of fasting isn't quite so strong anymore. We get to party again at Easter!

Do you follow or celebrate any of these traditions?

Have a great day!

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