Monday, February 15, 2016

Model Monday: Melody 2

Too Cold...

Want November Back

We're down in the teens and single digits right now, not to mention the wintry mix of weather we have. The sun was gorgeous Sunday and it reminded me of that day in November when we, back when we were only 5, had great photo shoots.

My Photos

Which is your favorite photo? 

My Outfit

Top and belt: Julie's Original Meet Outfit (AG retired)
Skirt and tights: Go Anywhere Outfit (AG retired)
Boots: The Queen's Treasures
Necklace: Josefina's Meet Accessories (AG retired)
Glasses: Kay Jay Doll Shoppe Ocean City, NJ

Best wishes,


  1. The 7th photo is my favorite. I have to say, that top goes great with that skirt, not a combination I would have thought of!

    1. That is a good one for a profile picture. :) I was organizing the one day and the top landed on or next to the skirt..."lightbulb!"