Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun Friday...Fashion Frenzy

Finding Something to Wear

Grace, Lea, both

Wow! You weren't kidding when you said the wardrobe here was outstanding!
(laughs) I hope you're finding what you want.
What are you looking for?
Something fun for a Model Monday shoot.
Ooooo! Cool! Those are fun.
I'm just not familiar with everything here. Is this too springy? I love the color.
Yeah, I think it is. But don't go by me! You get to choose. Are you sure you want a skirt?
Definitely. And something bright.
I forget, what is your favorite color?
I have two. Green and orange.
Hmmm, those are difficult. But we'll find something. Maybe Bonbon and Camila will sniff something out for you.

A Bientot! Tchau, ate mais tarde!