Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhogs 2016

Happy Groundhog Day!

I went outside to check on the groundhogs and their predictions.

One saw his shadow and the other did not. Can you tell which one did/did not and why? I guess we just have to wait and see what the next 47 days bring weather wise.

The official report from Punxsutawney Phil is he did not see his shadow; look for an early spring. I wonder what the fellow in Buffalo predicted. Do you have a groundhog ceremony in your area?

Outfit Note

Love this coat from Nana Kestrel. Not sure why they think it's a raincoat; doesn't seem to have that slick feel or coating. Definitely a lovely trench coat. Perfect for today; it's going to be in the high 40s low 50s.

Best wishes,


  1. Someday I want to go to Punxatawney for the festival, although I hear it's nothing like what was portrayed in the movie. It would still be interesting though. I never thought to get my stuffed Phil out and have him do a forecast for us!

    1. And the movie wasn't filmed in Punxsutawney, so it would look different. The fun part is there are Phil statues all over town like the cows in Chicago. :) Haven't been to the festivities, but have been to Punxsy several times.