Monday, December 19, 2016

Philly Christmas Fun

The Weather Outside was Frightful

At Least in the Morning

This past Saturday Xyra and I met Lady Marvin of the Lamppost in King of Prussia then headed down to Center City Philadelphia. We moved the time back because the roads were a slushy mess in the morning. 

The Schuylkill Expressway moved along at a decent pace and we found a parking lot right across from Macy's! So we made it and got good spots for the 2 PM show. Not too far forward or too far back. 
The event staff in top hats kept everyone organized.

After the show we made our way to the Dickens Village on the third floor. We stopped so I could pose with the eagle! The detail on the statue is cool.
The maze through the store to the village was nicely decorated. I loved this tree. Sparkly!
We made it into the village. I could look into the shop windows. This one had toys.
And this one was the poulterer.

The wax statues were neat, but also a bit freaky. The hands were really big!
We didn't go to Santaland, but headed out to City Hall and the Christmas Village.
This is the tree at Dilworth Plaza by the skating rink. The ornaments are HUGE!
All around City Hall and in the courtyard were little shops. The market and especially this German stand made me think of Lady Jem.
Here's a look up from inside the courtyard. Neat architecture.
At the very center was a carousel! All three of us rode!

After I had to straighten my coat a bit and stopped for another photo. You can see the bright carousel lights behind me.
Then we walked down to Reading Terminal Market. If you're hungry this is the place to go. They have ev-er-y-thing! Cheesesteaks, seafood, diner food, Chinese, Thai, Indian, patisserie and boulangerie, fresh foods, gifts, kitchen gadgets, PA Dutch jams and jellies and salads...and TEA!
Lady Marvin picked up some pu-erh and we chose a lychee black tea. 

In the center was an interesting train layout. Unfortunately, it needed better attendants taking care of it because there were a few derailments in the tunnel.
Lady Marvin ordered a cheesesteak "whiz witout" to take home for dinner and we picked out two scones and a raisin croissant.

After that we walked back to the car and headed back to King of Prussia and then home.

Had a BLAST! Despite the weather and hope to go again next year. Do you have any traditional Christmas or holiday events?

Best wishes,


  1. Best store bought apple fritters anywhere are at the Reading Terminal Market!

    1. I'll remember that next time I'm there. The raisin croissant was outstanding!

      The scones were a bit crumbly.