Friday, December 30, 2016

Fun Friday Fashion

Lea's Winter Blues

The sun was originally shining and then the clouds came back. It's breezy, chilly, and damp today, so we took these shots quickly! But it was warm enough to be without a coat for a few minutes. I was told Melody posed in a winter blues outfit a couple of years ago, that's why the title is a bit strange.

Which is your favorite photo?

If you clicked the link to see Melody, whose outfit do you like better?

Outfit Details

Hat, mittens, and scarf: Handmade by Lady Vanyer. Similar items can be found at ArtFusion 19464
Shrug and rhinestone bracelet: AG Holiday Accessories 2014
Shirt: AG (retired)
Pants: AG True Style Outfit (retired)
Shoes: AG Coconut Fun Outfit  II (retired)
Ribbon bracelets: Lea's Accessories

Tchau! Até mais tarde!