Monday, December 12, 2016

December 2016 Second Week

Calendar Revisit

Lego Advent


Hi! I know Kaya told you we would only reveal 5 at a time, but, well, we decided to show Sunday to Sunday. Or something like that. So behind door 10 was the organ! I thought I could build it without the picture, but this is what it ended up looking like. (giggles) 
Not very good. Much better with the instructions.
The first five are in the back. This is the next group.
A hamster, fireplace, cookies and milk station with carrot, the organ, and a guitar. I'm going to tuck all of these back into the doors, just in case. 

[Places each item behind it's door...gets to the last two...]

See we have a friend who might want to play with them.
Oh! You know what? I forgot one. 
This is the microphone stand. Or maybe it is the spotlight or center stage mark. I didn't take the 2 microphones out of the plastic. They'd get lost.

I bet Emma and Naomi will be performing in a Christmas special and singing carols and songs. 

What do you think they are planning? What do you think we'll find over the next week?

Best wishes,

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