Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016

The Season of Preparation

Hi! Advent has begun! Officially it started last Sunday; and we've already seen so many great photos of Christmas decorations...we tend to lag behind just a bit. But we have a few different things in the works to celebrate the season of Advent.

Friendly Build

Lanie, Lea, both

So this is the Lego Advent calendar?
Yeah, isn't it great!? We weren't going to get one this year, but then saw one picture that made us think of Gramma Enne. Looking forward to that build. Can you figure out which one?
Ooo, I see it. I wonder if she'll see what it is. (giggles)
Well, open door number one.
[opens door]
Hey, it's a person.
She's great! I love the green sweater.
I'm going to tuck her back in her little room. 
We don't want any paws to find her. (laughing)

2016 Advent Plan

Last year our daily post was the build from our Lego Advent calendar. We're not going to do that this year, but will definitely share the builds with you. We also like to share opening the Advent Village doors with you, but we want to change that up a bit too. There are many Advent traditions and we have something in the works. Hope you come back to see what we are up to.

Do you like Lego friends? What about the elves? Or maybe the Mega Bloks sets?

Tchau! See you again soon!