Friday, December 16, 2016

Decorating a Tree 2016

From Basic to Fancy

Grace, Kaya, Lea, 2 or more

Is this the right spot for the tree?
Looks great.
Where are the decorations?
I think Lanie's homework is on the decoration box. (giggles)
Yes, here they are!
At least the lights aren't tangled.
Garland next.
These are fun.
Great colors.
Hand me the pink one, please.
Red will be perfect here.
This green is ready.
Looks good. Why do we have a black ornament?
That one is in memory of everyone who passed away throughout the year.
Oh, that's nice.
[moment of silence]
One last thing.
The ANGEL! (laughing)
Selfie time!
(laughing) Looks like the angel is photo bombing!

Do you have a Christmas tree? Is it up and decorated? What is your favorite ornament on your tree?

Thanks for stopping! À bientôt! Tchau!


  1. We have a small tree and I put it up last weekend. My favorite ornament...can't say that I have one, but several, all from different trips we've taken.

  2. We put up our tree on Christmas Eve! I love decorating with my mom while we listen to Christmas records. We put a star on top. Last year I even got an ornament with my name on it! (it was my "Waiting For Santa" present).

    1. That's a great tradition! Sounds like a neat ornament.

  3. Cleaning up today. Maybe tree tomorrow. Yours looks great!