Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 2016 Third Week

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The best laid plans go wonky! We had thought to show you five builds at a time. Well, that only works if you have five weeks. (giggles) So it worked for the first two weeks, but now it's time to catch up!
I'm showing nine builds! Well, eight because one door held a bag of accessories not bricks. We don't like those. Lots of little pieces to get lost. 

In the back left are the first five builds. The second five are back on the right. These are all the new fun things. Two gifts, guitar and stand, two chairs with muffin tray, a tea table WITH TEA THINGS, camera on tripod, wrapping table, record player, and the Christmas tree!
Here's an aerial view and you can see Emma and Naomi enjoying their tea.
Let's get even closer. It's too bad the table isn't big enough to hold the muffins and the tea.
What's your favorite build item? 

Holiday House Candles

We are so behind on the holiday house! Melody was supposed to show you lighting the third candle. you know, the pink one. She didn't get around to it. So I get to show you three and four!
So if you look closely you can see the flames on the candles are way out of control! Almost looks like a fireplace instead of candles. We talked about it and I'm going to replace the big flames, like this one.
With a yellow button; they'll look like this.
See our mini figure and house look much safer now.
The first two purple candles represented hope and love. The pink candle represents joy, and the final purple candle stands for peace. 
Those are the four weeks of Advent...now Christmas is just a few days away! What are you hoping for for Christmas?

Stop again soon. Have a nice day!

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